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So many exciting new things are happening at J&R Machine Inc. Building Expansion, new equipment along with updates and augmentations. With all these updates come increased capability, better efficiencies and more available machine time to serve our partners! J&R Machine Inc’s. customer base is already very diverse but we are always looking to add solid relationships with companies that […]

A recent Citrix report predicts that 2016 is set to become a watershed year for machine shops, noting that, “The industry is showing signs of reinvention in areas including automation, 3D printing and data analysis, and the next five years look to be pivotal in realizing this change.” With U.S. manufacturing positioned for growth, it’s […]

  At the end of the year, with the celebratory season in full swing, we’ve taken some time to look back on the exciting year we’ve had. In 2015, J&R Machine, Inc. added industry-leading equipment and software to our shop, made improvements to enhance lean manufacturing processes, hired new team members, and welcomed many new […]

If there is one constant in the manufacturing industry, it’s change. And in order to enrich and improve operations, J&R Machine embraces it. The company is always seeking out ways to capitalize on the industry’s enhanced, cutting-edge technology, processes, and tools. Most recently, J&R Machine invested in DMG MORI Messenger. This performance-based software measures OEE […]