If there is one constant in the manufacturing industry, it’s change. And in order to enrich and improve operations, J&R Machine embraces it. The company is always seeking out ways to capitalize on the industry’s enhanced, cutting-edge technology, processes, and tools.

Most recently, J&R Machine invested in DMG MORI Messenger. This performance-based software measures OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and provides detailed analyses and reports remotely through mobile devices and computers.  All of J&R Machine’s machine tools will be linked to the DMG MORI Messenger’s server with data being presented in real time, allowing J&R Machine to keep an enhanced eye on production and ensure smooth operations.

Some of the important data the technology monitors includes J&R Machine’s uptimes (i.e., when a machine is turned off, running, and stopped). The goal of the investment is to use this data to improve J&R Machine’s uptimes–which will ultimately translate into better utilization and lower costs to customers. Also, with only six percent of the 2014 Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops employing this technology, DMG MORI Messenger truly provides J&R Machine with a competitive advantage.

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