While manufacturing has been drifting out of the United States for years, J&R Machine recently entered into an agreement to redesign and manufacture a product for a current international client that planned to offshore the project.

J&R Machine sought out quotes from U.S. sources for a new casting and presented them alongside engineering support management ideas to the existing client. The Shawano-based contract manufacturer competed with companies from all over the world, including businesses based in China, India and Italy.

J&R Machine provided a competitive quotation and ensured the local project support this global company needed to feel comfortable. Considering J&R Machine’s proven responsiveness and delivery record, the company is confident J&R Machine is the best option for the development and market introduction of their redesigned and enhanced product.

“We are extremely proud to have won the trust of this industry-leading company,” said Tim Tumanic, President of J&R Machine. “After evaluating several other companies from across the globe, the company chose to continue its partnership with J&R Machine citing that we provided the best value proposition going forward.”

A Resurgence of U.S. Manufacturing is on the Horizon

J&R Machine’s client’s choice to manufacture in the U.S. is part of a growing trend. Companies that discount the risks and send a project overseas are often dismayed by the results. Consequently, projects are being brought back to the U.S. to ensure quality and prevent supply disruptions. And when rising wage rates, transportation, quality control issues, customs and other risks like stolen designs are factored in, offshoring costs can be equal or higher for many parts and products.

The U.S. manufacturing industry is strong, and companies like J&R Machine truly hold the advantage over offshore competition in terms of ingenuity, technology and experience.

About J&R Machine

Founded in 1992, J&R Machine is an ISO 9001:2008 certified contract manufacturer that specializes in providing solutions for complex machined parts. The company provides full-project management with  engineeringCNC machiningmulti-spindle machiningthread rollingfabrication, and assembly  services. Additionally, to improve overall quality and lead time, J&R Machine offers value-added services such as the washing of parts, packaging, the adding of seals and other components, and in-house custom designed fixtures.

To learn more about J&R Machine, please visit www.jrmachine.com, or contact J&R Machine at 715-526-5970.