In-House Designed and Built Workholding
J&R Machine designs custom fixtures for machining our customers’ parts in-house. This method of manufacturing improves lead time, reduces overall cost, and increases accuracy/quality.

Packaging/Shipping Solutions
J&R Machine custom designs shipping crates to house the fully completed, clean parts during the shipping process. Within these crates, the parts will remain sealed and 100% free of contamination and prevent damage from items shifting in transit.

e.g., adding seals/inserts or other components integral to part function

Secondary Process Management
e.g., Heat Treating, Plating, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Paint

“Kitting” of parts for final assembly at customer’s facility

Cleaning parts of chips, debris and other contaminates

VCI Bag Packing and Storage to Ensure Corrosion Protection

24/7 Emergency Service / Expedited Lead Times

Lights Out Operations Where Possible to Reduce Costs

Kanaban Material Release

Thread Rolling

Bar Coding / Part Marking / Serialization